It’s not WHAT you do – It’s HOW you do it…

Here’s my first blog post in 3 years.

And as I see it, this could be the most important video I’ve created yet!


Link to The 5 Pillars To Instant Internet Success


Link to Work Less Make More Money

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Alex Jeffreys

PS – post your questions and comments below
and i’ll make sure to answer every one for you.



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  1. Andy Benson says:

    Hey Alex! Great to see you posting after so long, and what you have said is SO true!
    One of the things I remeber putting into practice very early on was to go through my Inbox and UNSUBSCRIBE to all the crap that was coming through on a daily basis. Took a few hours to sift out all the time wasting emails full of hype but in the long run it saves endless hours of wasted time and improves focus!

    Looking forward to working with you this year and continuing to grow my online business!

    Hope to talk to you soon buddy!

  2. Joe Standley says:

    Hey Alex, I just wanted to say that I enjoy being in your coaching program. You’ve helped motivate me and talking with others in the group helps keep me going too. I can’t wait to accomplish what you have one day while helping others along the way.

  3. Ed says:

    Hey Alex…

    Great insight here…I have a financial goal this year purely based on a full time Income you see I’m one of them people that wants the freedom not just for happiness but as leverage to gain more time to plan and ramp it up overtime you see I’m NOT a star bangled banner need more than I can chew now merchant!

    You see…to me it’s illogical to shoot for something out of reach…it creates disillusionment burning you out and giving up.
    too much too soon in my opinion.

    getting that freedom and thats it for me…that breeds a happy content mind and once thats installed…you’ve set your mind in the right gear with NO pressure to move forward growing without the burnout factor ever again…SO with that said…cool and profound post loved it my man later dude….John.

  4. zora says:

    Thanks Alex great video I got some good tips in there.

  5. James Hobbs says:

    Hello, Alex! I think you are the “REAL DEAL” I’m
    hoping to finally have “SUCCESS” online this year with your help and with this website: I have been trying very hard to get targeted traffic to this site but it is very frustrating when i am trying and spending a lot of “MONEY” with no results? HELP ME PLEASE!:) Thank You Very Much!!!

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